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This is an extension to FC2's Lua module. As a part of our open-source initiative, the fc2.hpp file is publicly accessible. This extends to the documentation as well. Whether or not you are a member of (, you are free to explore the examples given for better understanding and to see the potential of FC2 along with its subsidiaries. This transparency and public accessibility are the primary reasons why this repository is public.

This extension requires an FC2 solution to be running. This project is not functional without access to an FC2 solution. To enable this within FC2, you must enable the Galactic Team perk (see Divinity Chart). Although the perk system was not designed to hold back 'essential' features, the FC2T module is too advanced for inexperienced members. Upon enabling the perk, your projects, and FC2 must be executed as an administrator; which is not required by default.

You can view the source code and examples here: