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Cat's Universe


Cat's Universe is a FC2/Universe4 web ui to interact with fantasy services and solutions, created by Obelix. Link to forum thread here (click me).


Open the forum thread and click on the Release Page (Download Page) link in red. This will open the release/download page.

On the download page (release page), you will see a lot of versions, and the last one is already on top (v1.4.0 in the example image.)

Click on the under Packages section as shown in the picture. This will download a zip file. Inside this zip file, you need to unpack the file called server.exe that will provide everything to run the web UI. Unpack this file in any directory of your preference.

After unpacking the server.exe, open the file and you will see a screen with some information and asking you to select your IP address to host the server. Insert the desired number for the available IP addresses. (Some parts of the IP addresses have been censored) Insert the number for the desired IP address (for example: 3)

After inserting the desired IP address, the Windows Firewall may request permission to access the network. If so, you need to allow it

After that, you will see something like the next image. If available, a web page will be opened automatically with the service ip address, and you will see all the access details in the console.


  • You can run the server.exe on Windows or Linux (using wine or the cats_universe.lua script).
  • You can run this theme with FC2(Universe4) running or not

If you don't have Universe4 running, some features will not be available: - Launching Solutions - Automatic Login into Cat's Universe - See the Universe4 terminal information - Reload the running scripts - Sync FC2 local configs into the cloud (Any FC2 settings changes are not automatically synced) - Run any lua code directly from the browser - Usage of the Injector Module (Inject dll files into any process)


Solutions - On the Solutions page

  • You can go to the Solutions page and click on any desired solution.
  • If the selected solution is an FC2 type, it will show all the FC2 Library and FC2 Global Script available
  • You will be able to Reload your script solutions (Reload all the scripts enabled in your solution if you are running it)
  • You can sync your local configurations using the Sync Settings button (when you change any FC2 settings, it will only be available at that running point. If you want to save this for later, you need to sync it to the cloud using this button).

Cloud Editor (Cloud Configuration) - At Edit Configuration in an open solution

  • The Reset button in the Cloud Editor of a solution will only erase your configuration and set it to be an empty JSON value.

  • If you select a text and do a right mouse click, it will show some options, including Color Picker, that will load the color based on your text selection if it's valid, and you can change it and (for now) copy the new color into the clipboard.

Global Configuration - At the Global Configuration page

  • Host Address: This is the host address that the theme will make the FC2 requests. If you are accessing the theme from the page that the server opened, you will be already with your local ip set. But if you want to run it over mobile or another device, when you open your server ip address selected when you launched the theme, you can go to this tab and insert your machine IP address.

Dry Run Lua - At Solutions page

  • You can run any type of lua if Universe4 supports it.

Process Injector

  • You can upload new files to the current directory
  • Select your DLL file, the process name, and the execution type


This project does not have methods/functions to expose.