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Launching an FC2 solution with --streamer will make the solution enter "Streamer Mode".

The objective of this mode is to allow members to safely stream without any suspecting evidence being present while using FC2. Although this mode modifies several hardcoded features, it is also recommended you enable certain scripts in this mode.

  • focus_only.lua (ID 123) - This will make your Constellation4 features only work if CS/TF2 is focused.
  • no_overlay.lua (ID 130) - If you choose to simply not use an overlay while streaming, this will disable it from being created.

Ideally, you should be using the .bat files to launch FC2 solutions, therefore on Windows, you would need to edit the .bat file to pass --streamer and launch via start:

Windows (constellation.bat) :

Text Only
start fantasy.constellation4.exe --streamer --sessions

On Linux, simply run the .sh with --streamer.


With Streamer Mode activated, the following occurs:

  • Any hardcoded sounds such as Constelia talking or BOOP sounds are muted.
  • gui:create_window will always return false and never create a window.
  • gui:notification will always return false and never create a notification.
  • The console window on Windows FC2 will immediately close after your Session authorized.
  • fc2.lua:fps_lock is ignored and will always be false (which is default). The overlay will always run unlimited frames in streamer mode.

With Streamer Mode activated, Constellation4 will behave differently:

  • Sound ESP will be turned off and cannot be enabled.
  • If you never completed the Humanizer test, the solution will simply close. Do the test before entering Streamer Mode.
  • Constelia will never speak, but this is noted already. This is similar to the shush_constelia.lua script.


It is in best practice for a Lua script developer to use the fantasy.is_streamer_mode function for force preset ESP settings.

Streaming with certain ESP scripts can invoke suspicious behavior from viewers. It might be in your best interest to simply run no_overlay.lua. However, if you wish to have more assistance, scripts like esp.lua and tfesp.lua should be configured before being activated on stream.

Streamer Mode does work for both Universe4 and Constellation4. It is important to keep in mind that Universe4 is an empty base and relies on community scripts to actually do something. Therefore, entering Streamer Mode with Universe4 will be uneventful unless you are using a script that only provides mechanical differences.