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All FC2 solutions load a base Lua script called overlay.lua found in /scripts/core/. This script is responsible for configuring the overlay module.

Excluding enabled, I would not recommend changing these values unless you are 100% certain of what you're doing.

Setting Type Description
enabled boolean This enables/disables the overlay from being created. This is by default. Even though this is enabled, FC2 will always prioritize FC2KV. Meaning, if fc2.lua:kernel_drawing is true and kernel protection is enabled, the overlay will never be created even though it was requested. FC2KV is always safer and better to use than the overlay.
anti_aliasing boolean Anti-aliasing for renderer. This is on by default.
random_dimensions boolean This will randomize the dimensions of the overlay window. Besides the standard methods, some anti-cheat services may check if a window matches the dimensions of the target process. This is on by default.
fps_lock boolean The overlay FPS limit is unlocked by default. If this is enabled, the overlay will lock at 60 frames.
auto_copy_dimensions boolean In the case you are playing in windowed mode or using a window manager on Linux, this setting will make the overlay mimic the target window at all times. Meaning, if you resize your game window, the overlay will automatically resize itself with it. The same would apply if you moved the game window. This is on by default.
random_min integer Minimum range for random_dimensions setting.
random_max integer Maximum range for random_dimensions setting.
title string This will allow you to title your overlay window. The overlay by default does not have a window title. This might be considered suspicious. You can rename the window title if this concerns you.
default_font_size integer This will be the default font size for text drawing.
compositor boolean This is only important for FC2 Linux users. This will force enable your compositor (if you have one installed). If you do not have one enabled or you have this setting disabled, your overlay will show no transparency.
opacity integer Opacity of the window. This should be 0. The only time this should be a higher number is if you want you are debugging your overlay. The maximum value for this is 255.