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All FC2 solutions load a base Lua script called fc2.lua found in /scripts/core/. This script has default configuration values that are extremely important and should not be played around with unless you are 100% certain of what you're doing.

Again, I would not recommend changing these values unless you are 100% certain of what you're doing.

Setting Type Description
zombie string This will change the target process that ZombieFC2 will inject into to run its memory hacking module.
fps_lock boolean By default, the overlay module runs at unlimited frames. It is not capped. However, you may want to do that if you are experiencing screen tearing or any other complications. This is off by default.
linux_sound_command string Usually, the alsa package is recommended so Constelia's vocals can be played in the background. This is also responsible for the Sound ESP. If your audio playing binary on Linux is anything but play, you can change this to whatever you want.
no_base boolean If you want the FC2 solution to not run its base scripts, this allows that. If you turn this on for example, Constellation4 will not run Constelia's module on launch. Therefore you will need to manually calibrate through another Lua script or feature.
kernel_drawing boolean This will enable FC2KV. Therefore allowing visuals to be drawn from kernel mode rather than the overlay. This only works if you are on kernel protection. This is on by default.
kernel_drawing_focus boolean If you do not want FC2KV to only render when the game window is active, turn this off. This is on by default.
allow_local_scripts boolean This will allow local scripts to be loaded from session_directory/solution_name/scripts/. You should never load scripts locally unless you plan on contributing a new script or suggest modifications. Always load scripts from cloud using the Member's Panel or a hub script (which would need to be enabled via cloud). Loading scripts locally can create issues as script developers might update their script, and you will still have the older version with missing or broken features. Cloud scripts always have the latest version.
no_hardware_kernel_wipe boolean This setting stops FC2 from wiping kernel driver traces that hardware modules might leave, if your system has Fast Startup on. This is off by default. Having this on can create BSOD issues regardless of your Fast Startup settings because some systems will continue to leave traces that shouldn't be erased or modified without specific work done. If you are experiencing BSOD issues with this feature on, it is recommended to turn this off.
constelia_scripting_help boolean If you have the perk "Bond Between Human and AI", Constelia's AI will automatically interpret errors and attempt to provide a solution. This only works for local scripts. This is on by default.
never_close_loaders boolean Certain FC2 solutions work as loaders. In such case, they simply open, run its code, then immediately closes (like Parallax2). If you wish to keep the solution open, you can turn this on. This is off by default. By turning this on, on_worker and on_xxx_render callbacks becomes accessible and stable within these type of solutions.
client_anticheat_check boolean This will make FC2 force exit if there is a client anti-cheat running on your system. It will always check for clients regardless of this setting. If a client is found to be installed and this setting is on, FC2 will close after notifying you about the client. If you turn this off, you will still be notified, but you can still attempt to load or use FC2K (high probability that it will not work and you can be flagged by the client, which will result in a ban from the service). You should not have client anti-cheats installed as they are known to cause instability with FC2K. It can also prevent the driver from loading. You will receive no support whether this setting is on or off and you refuse to uninstall your anti-cheat. This is on by default and should never be turned off unless you are somehow managing to play on a client that is blacklisted.
force_resolution table This setting tells the engine:render module to perceive your game resolution as width/height, with the window positioned at x/y coordinates. While FC2 typically handles this automatically, you may employ this setting if you specifically wish to set certain window dimension settings to the engine:render module. It's typically unnecessary unless encountering window management (WM) issues on Linux. Windows users will likely find it impractical. Note that if width and height are both set to 0, this setting does nothing.
zombie_shared table When FC2 is used in Zombie protection mode, it defaults to compromising another process that already has access to the desired target. Zombie masquerades as a different process within your designated zombie process (by default, explorer.exe). For further details, visit: Disabling this feature will cause your zombie process (again, explorer.exe by default) to directly request access to the target process. However, leaving this feature enabled, which is the default setting, is safer as your zombie process will seek out another process that already has the required access. This setting was previously permanent but can now be toggled. If turned off, remember to ensure your zombie process is not easily detectable. While explorer.exe generally works well as a default, if you have another legitimate program you believe could connect to games like CS2, TF2, CSS, or similar, you might want to adjust your fc2.lua:zombie settings accordingly. Lastly, even with this setting disabled, ZombieFC2 will continue to attempt to find shared access. If disabled, it will seek direct access. The term zombie_shared" refers to the zombie process sharing access with another process that already has access to the target game or process.