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This class cannot be accessed unless you are using fantasy.constellation4. This class and the related functions are not in the FC2 engine. Constellation4 however uses the FC2 Lua module and imports custom functions to allow these to exist.

This is why this class is undefined in solutions that are not Constellation4. This class is automatically passed as a global class in Constellation4. At the same time, you still have access to other modules and classes in FC2.

If you're looking for a Humanizer4 function, it will not be available. If you want to create your own aim assistance like the Humanizer4 alternatives made by community members, review their source code.





This forces the simulation of the Sound ESP being triggered. The callback on_sound_esp is ignored if this is called. This will co-exist with the original Sound ESP. Therefore, if the Sound ESP gets triggered at the same time this function is called, both will beep at the same time.

The argument provided for direction will determine which side the ESP will play on. If you provide 0, the ESP will play on both sides. 1 for left side, 2 for right side. If you provide any other number that is out of that range, 0 will be assumed. Constellation4 for Linux does not have Surround Sound ESP. Meaning, regardless of what direction you provide, Linux users will always hear it as if it was 0.

It is also important to keep in mind that this function is not handled with timing. If you put this in on_worker for example without it being a timed event, expect the Sound ESP to spam for the next 2+ minutes straight.


  • number direction