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FC2 (fantasy.cat2) is a multi-module library that several solutions use. This was designed to help keep features consistent considering offers multiple solutions. See Software Installation & Usage Guide thread for a detailed guide to getting started.

The current solutions supported by FC2 are:

  • fantasy.universe4

  • fantasy.constellation4

  • fantasy.zombie

  • fantasy.blender

  • fantasy.injector

  • fantasy.parallax2

The table below contains a list of some modules inside this library. However, FC2 is constantly being updated. Therefore some modules are missing from the list.

Module Description
Lua Fastest and easiest rendition of Lua script compatibility in comparison to non-FC2 solutions.
OS Windows and Linux support with proper conversions. Compatible with most-to-all Linux distributions. Tested on Windows 10+, Arch-Linux, Debian-Based and Redhat-Based.
Steam Management of Steam accounts and quality of life features.
Configuration Cloud configuration and compatibility with the Web API.
Logger Proper logging for errors, crashes and further unfortunate events.
Overlay Ability to create an overlay on any window. You can place widgets on the overlay or simply draw on it. Works on fullscreen for most games.
Notification Create custom notifications that appear on the bottom right of the user's desktop.
x11 X Window Manager integration for Linux users.
Worker Properly optimized background workers to keep performance high and CPU usage low.
HTTP Allows you to communicate with the FC2 solution via HTTP server. This has allowed numerous members to create Web GUIs. These Web GUIs allow you to edit your configuration on your iPad or phone device. You can also load this in your browser and create themes to share to the community.
vector Proper mathematical work for members who choose to use FC2 to create games.
Sessions Advanced HWID system that allows you to jump between Operating Systems via dual-boot. This system also allows you to keep track of your history and usage.
Constelia The AI that was first introduced to Constellation3. She stores memories and uses voicelines.
Achievements Achievement system that also allows developers to make their own fun and unique milestones for community members
Teams FC2T backend. This allows members to make or integrated FC2 into their own projects using C++ and Lua.
engine as specific features that allow you to make cheats for any game.
engine:bsp BSP Parsing module.
engine:injection DLL injection module.
engine:kernel Kernel driver hacking management.
engine:source Valve Source1 hacking features (Example: Netvars).
engine:source2 Valve Source2 hacking features.
engine:process Process management on your system. This allows you to make cheats for any game you wish. Both 32-bit and 64-bit processes are supported.
engine:memory Memory hacking module.
engine:entity_list Management of entities for a target game.
engine:render World to screen and matrix related features for a target game.
engine:ipc Interprocess communication hacking module.
engine:goldsrc Valve GoldSrc hacking features

These modules are only the base to a FC2 solution. For example: Every FC2 solution will have Lua script compatibility, Web GUIs, the ability to create an overlay, cloud configuration, kernel driver protection, etc. Whatever features that specific FC2 solution has will vary. Like, fantasy.constellation4 is a CS:GO cheating solution. Therefore, it will have everything an FC2 solution has + hardcoded CS:GO cheating features (such as the Humanizer and Sound ESP).

This documentation category of FC2 will only have references for the Lua module. The Lua module has direct access to every other module in FC2.

Make Your Own Cheat Web GUI + Lua + Universe4