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overview ( grants members the ability create their own tools using the fantasy.sdk. The fantasy.sdk has changed several times since its launch in 2019. Members have utilized this to create additional features for current solutions. This has also been used to personalize the experience for others in the community.

A few highlighted contributions include:

SDK Contribution Description
bf4.lua Battlefield4 Aimbot (video)
cats_universe.lua hub (video)
shattered_dreams.lua hub (video)
focus_box.lua Box ESP for Sound ESP (video)
cstrike16_radar.lua Radar Script for CS 1.6 (video)
nade_helper.lua Grenade helper with custom lineups (video)
legitLock.lua Community member designed legitbot (video)
esp.lua Cyberpunk 2077 style ESP (video)
striggerbot.lua Standard Triggerbot for CS2/CS:GO/TF2/CSS (link)
on_head_blockbot.lua Blockbot when standing on someone's head in CS:GO (link)
bsp.lua BSP Parsing for visibility check in Source games (link)
rcs_only.lua Standalone RCS for CS2/CS:GO (link)
fps_limiter.lua Limit the overlay from running on unlimited frames by default (link)
crosshahir.lua Recoil control and sniper crosshair ESP (link)
nade_helper.lua Draws nade positions and other helpers in CS:GO (link)
rank_reveal.lua Shows ranks of other players in CS:GO (link)
bomb_info.lua Shows bomb location, ticking time and other information (link)

These are only a small group of the 100+ scripts available! Not to mention, these are only the Lua scripts that are capable in FC2. There is also a very detailed Web API that members have utilized. You can create control panels that interact with the software and themes.

Remember that only provides closet-cheating solutions. Even though the community is privileged with developer tools, it is heavily moderated to prevent anything that could create risk factors for someone's main account.


All scripts must be manually approved before being added to the cloud database. Scripts must pass the closet-cheating standards. Fun/Casual scripts are allowed. However, any script that is not considered ( standard will be rejected.

FC2 (fantasy.cat2) engine has a memory hacking module. This module allows you to create complete third-party assistance tools. Like ( software has been doing for years, the memory hacking is never designed to modify or directly interact with the target process. FC2 does introduce a write function, but it does not work for blacklisted games.

A game is blacklisted if it is supported officially by ( That means games such as CS:GO, TF2, CSS, CS2 cannot have memory values written using the write function no matter what. This is to prevent hysteria and security inconsistencies.

There will be no exceptions to the blacklist. has repeatedly avoided Trust Factor waves and VAC ban waves for years despite how flexible and customizable this project is. Greed for aesthetic features and nonsensical drawings on your screen that do nothing to benefit you besides spoon-feed you information is rejected by the community.

You also have the ability to utilize the 3 different protection modes that are available here. Each mode has a different layer of security. One of them being ring0 protection.


Contributing a release using the SDK will allow you to get paid. Any contribution is prompted with a payment directly to the member. Alternatively, you can accept an invite token to bring your friends into the community (but they will still be heavily reviewed).

Some members have instead chosen to donate to charity instead of accepting payments. About once a month, any rejected payments go directly to the Epilepsy Foundation. Therefore, if you do not wish to accept any reward, the money will be forwarded for donation instead.


You can find the answer to most of your questions in the application template thread (click me).

Question Answer
How long does it take for an application to be accepted or processed? If you do not hear back within 24 hours, there is a strong chance you were denied. There are a handful of applications that are submitted daily. Therefore bumping your application thread with random banter or conversation will deny your application and cause your thread to be locked.

If you received a reply yet a response wasn't given within 24 hours after that, again, there is a strong chance you were denied. It is also worth noting that just because you see new content being posted or the FC2 Engine being updated on the main page, it doesn't mean you were denied because you didn't get a reply.

Applications are looked at several times per day.
Why was I denied? What are the reasons for someone being denied? The most common reason people are denied is because they clearly didn't read the full application template thread. If you can't fill out an application form properly, I can assure you, this is not the place for you.

Another common reason is the information provided in the application is missing credibility. You do not need to be a known cheater to be part of this community. You don't need to be an experienced cheater either. See this post (click me) to why you need to list all the Steam accounts you own or owned at one point. This also applies to the other cheat providers you use or used in the past.

To be fully transparent and honest, the last common reason is nepotism. This has been a bittersweet for this community. Here's a detailed breakdown of this (click me). Although only I can see applications, there have been times where word spread outside this community about someone applying that isn't liked by some members here. This will get you denied simply because I prefer to keep the peace. Any signs of being problematic will result in denial. This has upset some people. If this bothers you or seems unfair, perhaps don't be a known jackass and honestly stuff like this wouldn't happen to you. It seems a lot of people in the cheating community feel like things are only unfair and stupid when there are consequences to their actions. If that is your psyche, then it was in good faith you were denied.
Can I reapply after being denied? The answer is usually no. I am aware some people have applied despite being denied in the past. I tend to allow another chance after a period of time. Immediate re-applications will result in a ban. However, the reason why your last application was denied tends to not be forgotten. If you were denied for being problematic, simply wasting my time or showing you're incapable of reading, I will also ignore and deny your new application.
What's the invite system like? How can I get invited by someone? Invites are actually distributed very commonly. If you are invited, you can join with a 100% discount. This is actually worse than applying to this community and getting in the normal way:

First of all, if someone invites you to this community, they must be reviewed by VIP members. This process can take days. Instead, the application that you would normally fill out that would be viewed by only one person is now is viewed by VIP members. Which may be a privacy concern to you because now you have 6+ people looking through your Steam profiles and digging up information about you. I personally tend to not dig into someone's past or be too judgemental of applicants, but VIP members are the complete opposite. You can still be denied despite being invited. Denial rates are extremely high in comparison to normal applicants.

Second of all, there is a tethering rule with invited members. Although the VIP review may seem intimidating, most people don't even get to that stage because of this tethering rule. When you invite someone to this community and they get accepted, if they violate community guidelines or act ill-mannered, the person who invited them shares the same punishment. Meaning, if you invite someone who can't behave or does something that gets them booted from the community, you will also lose your membership. This reason is exactly why members tend to not invite people despite having the ability to do so. It creates a strong sense of responsibility of the member with the token.

Therefore, despite invites being handed out commonly to members here, it's regarded with high responsibility. Again, this is the same as the nepotism denial reason: If this bothers you or seems unfair, perhaps don't be a known jackass and stuff like this wouldn't be a concern for you. It seems a lot of people in the cheating community feel like things are only unfair and stupid when there are consequences to their actions. If that is your psyche, then it was in good faith you were denied.
I was once a member, but now I don't have access. See this post (click me).
I'm a member and have been inactive for a while. What's new? How do I get started again? The Member Meetings always have a summary of changes made during the previous month. Read the latest blogs as well. The protocol never changes: start here (click me) and read the Community Guidelines (click me).
I'm specifically looking to get one of the VIP cheats/software. Can we work something out? No.