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Truthful Review


Retired Administrator/Moderator
I was skeptical about the bot at first because alot of others cheats out there are boring pastes. I liked the small and private community and bought a 1 month license to give it a try.

It's very configurable and anonymous. I just start the cheat and play. No background hogging or any of that crap. If you care a lot about security, this is the cheat to use. The legitbot (humanizer as they call it) is the best feature. Been using it for a solid month now haven't gotten called out for anything, neither a ban. It aims smoothly and does great with the triggerbot. There have been a few times where i would stream for my friends and nobody noticed anything suspicious. Chat didn't call me out either.

The skin and glove changer could use more work for noobs like me. I don't really use it anyway. I could imagine some buyers might want that. Otherwise A++ cheat.


The Dusker From The Sky.
Agreed,I only have used it once.So i can't really talk about it . But its really good and full. i can tell