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I bought the cheat a while ago and made a thread saying I would be leaving for a bit due to not having access to a pc. Is there anyway for me to get my subscription back?


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Yes. But just to set the record straight because this confuses some people despite it being plastered all over the private forum and the FAQ:

Once every 6 months to a year, there is an event called Community Wipe. This is usually where membership promotion happens. Regular members can become Veteran members and in rare cases, Veteran members can become VIP members.​
However, some lose their membership over the EULA that they agreed to:​
[License and Community]
This EULA agreement acknowledges that can revoke or terminate your license without return of payment or refund if:
  • states you have violated their community guidelines
  • states you have been inactive for an extended period of time by logged Software usage or forum activity and have not shown past consistent activity or welcoming community behavior.
  • states you have violated this agreement.

Besides inactivity and unwelcoming community behavior, you can also be booted due to leaking forum or Discord content. The membership forum and Discord is obviously private for members only. Leaking conversations, threads or updates is a violation of the Community Guidelines and will get you removed in this wave once I start doing investigations.​
During the Community Wipe, a script I made determines who has been inactive. I also do investigations and remove the member based on the following:​
  • Joining and disappearing right after (not even lurking or any activity - just joining and completely ghosting).
  • Joining and never using the software after a week or two. (literally never launching any of the solutions - just joining for forum access)
  • Joining and "trying" ( prioritizes community benefits. In the 5 years of running this community, I have never cared or tried to compete with others nor stay meta. I also do not market If I wanted people to come in and out, I would have monthly membership options and an automatic payment setup. I want to know everyone who joins this community and weed out toxic individuals, which is what the general cheating scene is filled with. So saying you're just going to 'try' it, is completely counterproductive to this community and is wasting our time).
The script detected your inactivity and that's why you were removed in the wave.​
I always tell people that they can always join back without having to pay again. The Community Wipe event is only a cleaning period. It's not a period of punishment unless you violated community guidelines consistently.​
So if you are booted after joining, just ask to rejoin. It's free. No problem. However, you will need to be investigated for why you were booted.​
In your case, you were booted due to inactivity due to the Community Wipe script. Not malicious behavior. You also don't have any outstanding violations. Finally, you don't match the criteria of improper inactivity that I listed above (joining and disappearing right after, etc). So I will gladly return your membership.

Sorry for the long-winded answer. I just wanted to clarify this for other people. It's frustrating when it's warned numerous times to people before joining and AFTER joining about losing membership under certain circumstances and then when it happens:


Your license key is still the same from your application thread. Go to your profile history to find your thread.

Start your setup here: and downloading Universe.
Read the Community Guidelines: