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Retired Administrator ( - closet cheating community
designed for: LAN players, e-sports players and serious competitive players since 2017

[overview] ( grants members the ability to create their own tools using the FC2 Engine (click me).​
As it states in the documentation, this is a multi-module library that multiple solutions here use. ( used to have about 11 different solutions but since the implementation of FC2, everything has been narrowed down for consistency. These are external solutions (Windows + Linux) protected with IPC, kernel-mode/ring0 and stealth compromising methods.​
Here are just a few examples of what members have contributed to this community (all scripts are updated for CS2):​


esp.lua by @0x1477 for Constellation4 (script works in CS:GO, TF2 and CSS).


demoman.lua by @typedef for Constellation4 (Auto-Detonation, Sticky ESP, Sticky Triggerbot, etc)


bf4_esp.lua by @BoperC7 for Universe4 (Battlefield4 ESP)


mc.lua by @ninjastar1271 for Universe4 (Minecraft Auto-Clicker + Double Clicker)


battlebit.lua by @lu. and @joshcantcode for Universe4 (Battlebit No Recoil + Works on EAC)​



This is a CS2/CS:GO/TF2/CSS solution based off the FC2 Engine. (Windows + Linux)
Constellation4 is the merge of the now discontinued Constellation3 and Astrogalaxy2.


Constellation4 contains the latest version of the Humanizer module, which is something that has been maintained since 2017. The Humanizer is an aim assist. It is not a legitbot or aimbot. It does not aim for you. It is designed to help complement your current aim. It is built to make your gameplay as human as possible. It is not very customizable because, once again, designed to complement your current aim. A comparison would be the natural aim-assist in Call of Duty games. It only helps your current aiming situation.​

The TF2 version of the Humanizer has sub-modules disabled that allow it to work more as a legitbot. This is due to how fast paced the game is. Scout, Heavy and Sniper players benefit the most from this feature. However, you are free to disable the TF2 Humanizer if it is too disruptive. A handful members here do play TF2 competitively and have used the Humanizer solutions in the past with beneficial results.​
[sound esp]

There is also a Sound ESP that helps you with your crosshair placement and positioning. Remember that ( is a closet cheating community. If you're looking for things to simply be spoonfed to you or you want something to aim for you and do all the work, this is not the place you should be looking at.​


To protect the privacy of members and with respect to the Community Guidelines, I cannot list all scripts available. However, I can highlight a few scripts that members have created to expand Constellation4. These are all optional. You are free to include them or not include them. By default, Constellation4 only has the Humanizer4 module and the Sound ESP module.​



striggerbot.lua by @typedef

bsp.lua (Visibility Check) by @typedef

legitLock.lua (aimAssist - Humanizer Alternative) by @gezo7333


radar.lua by @Moyo

nade_helper.lua by @Moyo

consteliax3 by @typedef


This is a Minecraft solution based off the FC2 Engine. (Windows)
Parallax2 is kernel-only clicker for Minecraft. Linux option is available via Universe4 scripts.

[client bypass]

Parallax2 is a kernel driver that is compatible with any Minecraft client and version. The purpose of this solution is to provide PvP assistance without the need of relying on modifications to your client or having suspicious software open. The kernel driver is dynamically loaded and hidden on your system to prevent monitoring/analysis tools from detecting it.​
Alternatively, if you are not interested in loading the driver or you are a Linux user, there are other projects available in the community written in Lua.​

To help better the experience, there are numerous configuration settings that can be changed such as: jitter, delays and methods of randomization. There are also ways to contribute to the customization through the FC2 Engine. The Parallax class allows driver communication.​

parallax_gui.lua by @typedef (Editor Mode GUI)​
variation.lua by @flakey (CPS Algorithm)​
As you can see, you have the ability to make changes to the algorithm. There are also settings you can preinstall for your kernel driver before it is launched. There are many ways you can make your experience unique.​



Parallactic2 / lib_minecraft.lua
This is a Minecraft solution based off the FC2 Engine. (Windows)
Unlike Parallax2 (kernel driver), Parallactic2 is client for Minecraft that uses the FC2 Engine.

[client expansion]

Parallactic2 is an officially supported Lua script called lib_minecraft.lua for Universe4 (see below about Universe4). lib_minecraft.lua is a perfect example of how you are able to make your own cheats using the FC2 Engine. This Lua script directly accesses the JNI, allowing you to create infinite features for Minecraft.​
You can read more about the JNI documentation here:​

Below are some examples of some scripts that are based on lib_minecraft.lua. Unlike the other solutions at (, Parallactic2 is not limited to closet-cheating. Therefore, you are free to help contribute any further features that you may find useful or entertaining to yourself or others.​

reach.lua by @typedef


antikb.lua by @hxnce (Knockback / Velocity Reducer for PvP)


ambience.lua by @hxnce


aimbot.lua by @typedef

FC2T Clicker by @Lunarce



This is the base of the FC2 Engine. (Windows + Linux)
This allows you to create projects like the Battlefield 4 and Minecraft cheats mentioned earlier.

[make your own cheats]

Members here use Universe4 as a way to customize and maximize the ( experience. This is an optional solution. Constellation4 is actually built off of Universe4! Meaning Constellation4 is simply Universe4 with pre-made Lua scripts and the Humanizer4 + Sound ESP module already integrated into the solution. You can actually make your own cheats using Universe4 too!​
An example would be cstrike16_radar.lua by @Moyo
You can see in the video below how endless the capabilities are. FC2 Engine is cross-platform. Therefore you can make your own Linux cheats too!​

[build your own universe]
Members have also utilized the modules found inside the FC2 engine to make their own Web GUI that can customize the experience for other members here. This is one of the main appeals of Universe4 to members of this community. A few popular ones include cats_universe.lua and shattered_dreams.lua

Cats Universe by @Obelix

Shattered Dreams by @typedef


Event Horizon by @flakey


LucidTerm by @lu.


Community + Security + Bypasses + Philosophy
If it's not clear already by the content in this thread, the community is always the priority at This is a very small and conserved community. Everyone sticks together like a family. This family mentality is mentioned in testimonials and is also seen when it comes to dealing with new toxic members. Toxic members tend to be removed but a very clear "stick together" moral code is in place here. Toxicity is not something that appears here unless a new member does something inappropriate.​
I (@typedef) am very active in the community. Updates and new changes are always in discussion.​
This place also isn't ran like a zoo. I am comfortable sleeping well at night knowing I don't have to wake up to the forums being completely filled with "halP me whaT dO pls. how start chet" or the Discord being toxic. Everyone is extremely respectful to one another. Everyone sees each other and is familiar with each other due to how tight this place is. It's a very relaxing environment. I barely moderate the forum or Discord (because I don't need to).​
Security has always been a priority at There is a detection history list here (click me) with a detailed breakdown of old past solutions. In summary, we have not had any detection issues except for an unfortunate hiccup with a few Lua scripts back in 2021 for an older solution that wasn't moderated. Since that issue, we have not encountered any Trust Factor or ban issues. We have avoided every single VAC and Trust Factor wave since. This is even with the amount of features and customization. The same security measures are still applied to modern solutions and are constantly updated and maintained.​
Members here use ( on their main account without a concern. I also personally use my own solutions on my main account that I've had for years. My main account means a lot to me simply due to the fact I've had my account for so long and it has an expensive inventory. There are also members here who share this same sentiment and also play on amateur league teams. Some members here are streamers and use the solutions here as well.​
[bypasses + philosophy] is designed to help improve your skillset. It's training wheels on a bike. That's why it states in the Testimonials that people who have used this solution ended up easing themselves out of their cheating addiction. I didn't build this community to terrorize innocent people who sacrifice their computer to RAT client anti-cheats to avoid cheaters. Though it does bypass some of these clients, it is not intended nor maintained.​
In 2022, a few members at ( actually made it to some amateur/semi-professional CS:GO/TF2 teams because of the solutions here. If not made it, some other members at least got the opportunity for a tryout. 1 member had me wipe his account because he got popular on Twitch and decided to go clean because he didn't want to ruin his opportunity. This is a common story for CS:GO and TF2 players here.​
There's also a demographic that used ( to improve their aim and understanding of the game. Not only do we have coaching members here, but the way the Humanizer and Sound ESP is designed, it's meant to help you build confidence. It's a push in the back. The objective is to have those helper wheels ( eventually, with time and practice, allow you to become adept at your skillset.​

Membership ($200 - Lifetime) + Application

[membership + price]

If you actually read everything, it is very clear that the community and the family mentality is my priority. I do not like people coming in and out of this community. There is only Lifetime Membership and that is non-negotiable. This is better than spending $19.99+/month for long periods of time on a single cheat that barely gets updated and no transparency from the multiple developers. This is also better than spending an insane overpriced amount per 7 days/14 days on trending bypasses/software that is beyond risky to use and will eventually get you banned from the service.​
The price has been the same since 2021. I have not received a single complaint about the price from current members. Rather I've been told to increase it to match the market considering what is provided here. From everything listed in this thread, you clearly do not just get a single piece of software and that's it.​


If you wish to gain access to and the solutions provided, please fill out this form and submit here (click me):
Email Address [PayPal address if you're using PayPal]:
How do you plan on paying? [PayPal/BTC/ETH]:
Steam Accounts:
Link to Other Providers?:

Notes / Before you apply:​
[1] PayPal/BTC/ETH are the ONLY accepted plans. No exception. You cannot have someone pay for you. Stolen PayPal accounts are not accepted either.
[2] "Link to Other Providers" should not be blank.
[3] We do not ask for IDs anymore.
[4] "Steam Accounts" should list all accounts you own (banned or not). software will automatically get this anyway. IF they do not match the ones provided in your application, you will be booted without refund.
[5] "Steam Accounts" should be your profile link. Not your Steam ID nor your Steam login/username.
[6] "Link to Other Providers" should be the links to your forum profile on other cheats you have purchased in the past.
[7] If you have an extra note or comment to make, leave it at the bottom of the application.
[8] If you were denied once, you cannot reapply ... EVER. Nor can you be invited by another member.

If you do not receive a response back within 24 hours, there is a very strong chance that you were denied.​
POST YOUR APPLICATION HERE: Post a thread and apply here (click me)
Do not apply if you cannot pay or you do not have your payment ready. It's extremely inconsiderate when I setup membership, generate a license key, introduce you to the community and much more just to be told you can't pay or you're not ready. Read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) as well. It provides insight on the application process.
Do not apply from a mobile device or a proxy or VPN service.
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