• constelia.ai (fantasy.cat) will not be accepting applications until October 1st.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a summary of what fantasy.cat is about?

fantasy.cat is a very small community that is strictly for serious closet cheaters and competitive players only. Software provided here are designed only for streamers, boosters, or serious competitive players. If you're looking for fancy features or something to make your game look pretty, look elsewhere. This community is only for people who are serious about hiding their cheats and playing on their main account.

When was the last detection?

Never. As you can see in the testimonials, there are members here who have been playing on their main account since joining. All accounts are secured.

What do members get access to?

Read the cheats/software page. It's one package. Members also get access to a private fantasy.cat Minecraft server that they can invite their friends to, a community forum and consistent updates.

What is "VIP" and how do I get access to it?

VIP members are veteran members who have been with fantasy.cat for a long period of time. These members consistently contributed to the community and applied for the position later on. VIP members get access to slotted cheats as seen on the cheats/software page. They are also early-access testers and are given other privileges for their loyalty.

What is a "humanizer"? Why is it different from an aimbot?

The humanizer that is provided in some fantasy.cat cheats is based off of machine learning. The difference is that the humanizer is designed to compliment your aim, not aim for you. The humanizer automatically adjusts to your playstyle and is designed to make you legitimately better overtime. Members can attest to this as seen in testimonials. We have had members who used the humanizer and eventually split off to play completely legit on a higher level, such as a competitive team. A detailed explanation can be found here (click me).

I play CS/TF2 at a professional level. How can I protect my reputation with fantasy.cat?

fantasy.cat cheats are designed for exactly this type of situation. On the technical side, there will be no issues guarding your reputation. However, there are members here who have openly discussed boosting services they work for or cheating on a team that they're currently on. You are not obligated to share this information. We also do not ask about this information.

Should I apply? What is the application process like?

Read this post.

What payment methods are accepted?

We only accept PayPal, BTC or ETH. This is a 1-time payment. Lifetime membership.

What Anti-Cheats does cheat "x" bypass?

All cheats bypass anything server-side related and VAC. The cheats/software at fantasy.cat are designed to work at a high security level. Client anti-cheats are bypassed by VIP members only.

I submitted an application but nobody replied after 24 hours.

You were denied. You are not allowed to reapply. Don't ask. Don't try to reason. Look elsewhere.

Should I apply even though I don't have my payment ready?

It's very inconsiderate to have someone invest their time into setting you up with something and to make them ready for you; but you're not ready for them. The application process is a time investment and creating a license key for a new member is a completely different process. Do not apply if you're not prepared to be ready.

I'm specifically looking to get one of the VIP cheats/software. Can we work something out?


Are trial periods allowed?


Can we discuss partnership or some sort of promotion?


I was banned from the forum or my application was denied. Can I reapply?


What are SDK plugins and how do they work?

fantasy.cat members are allowed to create their own features using C++ or Lua. This is only available for a few cheats.

I was a member before but now my license is locked and my forum access is gone?

Your membership was revoked for long period inactivity or inappropriate community behavior in the past. As according to the EULA, fantasy.cat is allowed to revoke your license at any point without a refund. However, you are free to rejoin at no cost if you had shown consistent activity at one point (forum or software usage). We do not allow people who don't commit to us to stay within the community or use our software. As shown in the "Should I apply even though I don't have my payment ready?" question. It's very inconsiderate to have us set you up to become part of this family, just for you to disappear days later. It's very clear as advertised, fantasy.cat is not a place for you to join to simply come and go. We only want committed members who wish to be with us for a long period of time. We don't care if you use other providers, we have members here who do. We care about loyalty and commitment to the community. Don't tell us you will commit to something through applications and have us invest our time into you, for you to show dishonesty.

Before I apply, what should I expect from the fantasy.cat community?

This community is very reserved and people treat one another like family. This family mentality is mentioned in testimonials and is also seen when it comes to dealing with new toxic members. Toxic members tend to be removed but a very clear "stick together" moral code is in place here. Toxicity is not something that appears here unless a new member does something inappropriate. Members tend to have a habit of randomly doing giveaways just to be show love to one another. I am always active in the community. There is always something being worked on.