Constellation (CS:GO/TF2/CSS/Dota 2)

Kernel/ring0 MAXIMUM Protection for CS:GO/TF2/CSS/Dota 2
Bypasses Server and Client Anticheats (Minor)
Intended for closet cheating. 0 bans on record. Optimized to be played on your main account.
Only purchase if: you're looking for a closet aiming solution with heavy customization, streaming, boosting or LAN bypass

Constellation is designed to be a closet cheating solution that represents's objective (closet cheating, security, streaming, tournaments, LAN play).
In comparison to some of the other solutions, Constellation has the highest security level for account protection. This is the little brother to Aurora (VIP) and the protégé to Moonlight (discontinued).

This solution was not designed to bypass client anticheats. However, there are members here who are bypassing lesser-known clients using this solution. Again, this software was not designed for this, but is an option to those who are interested in playing on certain matchmaking clients.

Humanizer (CS:GO/TF2/CSS)
The Humanizer’s features are built to make your gameplay as human as possible, while being so smooth that even other players on the server won’t notice you using a cheat software.

This is the upgraded version of the discontinued and external Astrogalaxy cheat. Constellation features faster modules and features.
  • 2 Humanizers in 1: There are TWO humanizers inside this cheat. These two humanizers interchangable and used under player preference.
  • Kernel Mouse Driver Humanizer: This humanizer directly communicates with the Kernel Mouse Driver; using your mouse settings for the algorithm.
  • Adjustable Precision System: Humanizer will adjust to a target based on their ping, your FPS and other conditions.
  • 1 Tap Logic: The humanizer will know when you're in the proper situation to attempt a 1 tap headshot.
  • Anti-Lazy Aiming: The humanizer is an assist tool not an aimbot. It will not aim for you. It will assist your current aiming.
  • Smoothing: Designed to make the humanizer look like legit mouse movements.
  • Aimspot: Choose any or a specific body part which you want the aimbot to focus on.
  • Aim Key: Choose your favorite key which you can enable the aimbot with.
  • Curving: Make your aim appear more realistic and natural ingame. Excellent security feature when being reviewed through an overwatch demo.
  • Anxiety/Pro Humanizer: 1 of the 2 humanizers that allows you to experience the feel steadying your aim in the case you are anxious or shaky.
  • Compensation AI: The humanizer will intelligently know when to compensate your spray so you can land effective shots.
  • Headshot Mode (TF2): Maximize the effectiveness of your sniper gameplay by increasing the accuracy of your headshots.
  • Autobackstab (TF2): Automatically backstab enemies.
  • 2 Triggerbots in 1: Two different triggerbots using different methods of enemy scanning.
  • Triggerbot Customization: Interchange or combine both triggerbots in 1 usage or change the sensitivity of one of them.

Other Features (CS:GO/TF2/CSS/Dota 2) solutions are not designed for aesthetically pleasing features. However, there are some extra features to note that apply to all 4 games (CS:GO/TF2/CSS/Dota 2)
  • Trust Factor Reverser: Red trust factor account? Banned before and want to start clean? Constellation can help fix this. Click me for a video.
  • Web GUI: There is no ingame menu nor is their any sort of desktop GUI. You can edit your configuration by opening your Steam Web Browser. Click me for an example. This is customizable as well. You can make your own GUI with basic HTML and CSS knowledge.
  • HWID Spoofer: Spoof your CS:GO stored HWID per session. You can also completely erase all data in relation.
  • Sound ESP: One of the favored features from Astrogalaxy. Click me for a video.
  • Corsair LED Wallhack ESP: If you own a Corsair device, it will repeatedly blink if there is an enemy in the direction you are aiming. Click me for a video.
  • Logitech LED Wallhack ESP: If you own a Logitech device, it will repeatedly blink if there is an enemy in the direction you are aiming. Click me for a video.
  • Sonar ESP: Distance based Sound ESP that works with your hardware. Click me for a video.
  • Surround ESP: Location based Sound ESP that plays a sound based on your crosshair. Click me for a video.
  • Web Themes: The API (click me) has helped members contribute themes for the Web GUI.
  • 60+ Lua Scripts: The API (click me) has helped members contribute Lua scripts.
  • Hyperactive Mode: This is a toggable feature that makes Constellation work at 2x its speed in exchange for a slight boost in CPU usage.

Dota 2
Constellation has fused with Redshift as a kernel protected alternative. Constellation will automatically detect if you are running Dota 2 and proceed to grant the features listed below WITH the featured listed above in "Other Features":
  • Fog of War Sound ESP: Whenever you are visible by the enemy team, a sound will be played. Click me for a video.
  • Fog of War Corsair LED ESP: If you own a Corsair device, it will change colors or blink if you are visible by the enemy team. Click me for a video.
  • Fog of War Logitech LED ESP: If you own a Logitech device, it will change colors or blink if you are visible by the enemy team. Click me for a video.
  • Fog of War Visuals ESP: Check whether you're visible by any enemy on the map (OBS Stream Proof). Example #1 Example #2
These features are useful for knowing if there is a ward in your jungle/their jungle, if you're seen by the enemy despite being invisible (sentry/gem) or if you're positioning to catch someone.