Astrogalaxy2 (CS:GO) / fantasy.linux

Bypasses Server and Client Anticheats (Minor)
Windows 10/11 Signatured and Handled CS:GO Cheat
Linux Version of Astrogalaxy2 Available As fantasy.linux.
Intended for closet cheating. 0 bans on record. Optimized to be played on your main account.
Only purchase if: you're looking for a closet aiming solution with heavy customization, streaming, boosting or LAN bypass

Astrogalaxy2 is the rebirth and recreation of the 2018 solution Astrogalaxy (Legacy). This solution has been rebuilt from scratch and updated with the latest Humanizer modules and features. Astrogalaxy2 is nicknamed "Baby Constellation" as it is basically Constellation, except simplified for the most lightweight usage and execution. Both software provide maximum security in their own respective ways. Astrogalaxy2 does contain the latest Humanizer technology (Humanizer4). However it is simply preference on whether you wish to use Constellation or Astrogalaxy2. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

One advantage Constellation has over Astrogalaxy2 that is obvious is the feature list. There are more features in Constellation. Another benefit Constellation has over Astrogalaxy2 is that there is kernel protection. Although this is the case, Astrogalaxy2 has its own protection measures that would equate to Constellation.

In regards to Astrogalaxy2, Astrogalaxy2 contains the latest Humanizer installation called Humanizer4. This is considered the best version of the Humanizer as it's the most lightweight and automatic. The videos on this page will showcase that. It's literally plug and play. Everything is calculated for you automatically. Another benefit of Astrogalaxy2 is that this version does not require you to load a kernel driver. Loading a kernel driver can be an issue if you play games that require EAC, BE or any other client anti-cheat solution. The downside of Constellation is that once you load the driver, for your safety, you have to unload it before launching a client anti-cheat. With Astrogalaxy2, you can start it up and play without having to deal with this.

Both solutions are safe in their own respective ways and it's honestly up to preference. Some members prefer Constellation still. Some members prefer using Astrogalaxy2. Due to the nature of the Humanizer, everyone's experience is different and one may benefit better with either Astrogalaxy2 or Constellation.

Humanizer (CS:GO)
The Humanizer’s features are built to make your gameplay as human as possible, while being so smooth that even other players on the server won’t notice you using a cheat software.

Astrogalaxy2 uses the latest installation called Humanizer4. For comparison to an older version like Humanizer3, see the Constellation page.
  • 0 Mechanical Customization: Humanizer4 automatically calculates the best conditions for your gameplay, mouse movement patterns and so forth.
  • Compensation AI (Smart RCS): The humanizer will automatically know when to compensate for your recoil control. This will help you spray better.
  • Pistol Warfare Logic: When you are engaged in pistol warfare, the humanizer will automatically adjust.
  • Anti-Lazy Aiming: The humanizer is an assist tool not an aimbot. It will not aim for you. It will assist your current aiming.
  • Smoothing: Designed to make the humanizer look like legit mouse movements.
  • 2 Triggerbots in 1: Two different triggerbots using different methods of enemy scanning.
  • Dynamicly Calculated FOV: The humanizer will automatically know when to properly adjust the FOV ranges when aiming.
  • Lightspeed Performance: This version of the humanizer performs at the most demanding speed and will use the most reasonable resources.
  • Lone Wolf Calculations: In comparison to the other solutions, this humanizer performs based on the software's power and not your FPS ingame or ping.

Note: This video was recorded before the Jump Logic and Triggerbot Update.
See the video at the top of the page for the latest version of the Jump Logic.

Other Features solutions are not designed for aesthetically pleasing features. However, there are some extra features to note:
  • Cloud Configuration: No files. No folders. Everything is cloud.
  • Sound ESP: One of the favored features from Astrogalaxy. Click me for a video.
  • Sonar ESP: Distance based Sound ESP that works with your hardware. Click me for a video.
  • Surround ESP: Location based Sound ESP that plays a sound based on your crosshair. Click me for a video.

Linux Exclusive
There are small differences between Astrogalaxy2 and fantasy.linux. fantasy.linux is simply a conversion of Astrogalaxy2 to support Linux distros. These are two separate solutions with only converted Humanizer4 modules.